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    Stan is proud to offer two different world-class Wildlife Photography Tours during June and July, 2015 in Minnesota's lake country.

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Leucistic Sandhill Crane


Finding and photographing the oddities of nature is terribly time consuming and often times very difficult. In addition to that, it sometimes takes a bit of lady luck. This week...

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Gee-whiz Nature Facts

The Short-tailed Shrew is an aggressive predator. They are thick and stocky animals with short, dark gray fur. They have a row of needle-sharp teeth and tiny eyes. the shrew can also employ an ultrasonic sound for echolocation, like bats. The echolocation is used to detect objects, openings or if something is blocking their tunnels in the blackness of their underground world.

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Loon Photography Tours

From May through July, Stan Tekiela is proud to offer a world-class loon photography tours.

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Do you have any interesting wildlife in your backyard? Any nesting birds, deer, turkeys, reptiles, amphibians, or other unique wildlife? Or maybe a fox or coyote den?

If so, contact Stan at stan@naturesmart.com with your backyard wildlife. If he can get a good photo of the subject, he will send you a print of the photo to hang on your wall.

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